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As everyone knows, Aladdin - the main character is perhaps the most famous stories of the famous collection of Arabian tales "Thousand and One Nights." The Western world was first introduced to these incredible fairy tales in the early 18th century and since then, once and for all, fell in love with subtle and elegant, like Arabic script, the magical history of the Middle East. Over the past three years, the collection was reprinted and translated into many languages. Originally tales of Scheherazade have been stories for adults - long, convoluted written. My second birth they experienced when someone came up with a great idea to adapt it for the kids, because they were already established all the ingredients for future success. Exciting magical stories, colorful scenery of ancient Persia, against which all of the events unfold and original characters that have not been in children's fairy tales, guaranteed their extraordinary popularity. First screens of the USSR in 1966 came a feature film - a fairy tale, which tells about the adventures of Aladdin and the magic that immediately liked the whole Soviet children. Later, in 1992, the company showed the world the Disney animated feature, which is based on the same story, though many plot details have been changed to suit the tastes of the public. The success of the cartoon was so great that it is based almost immediately were created console and computer games. Top Aladdin games are a modernized version of the game "Prince of Persia", which was originally designed for video game consoles. Even now, modern players interested plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of the late nineties and play this exciting platform rpg, made on a new graphics engine. The point of this game online Aladdin repeats the plot of the game-grandparent. It requires the player to eight minutes to catch up from the palace dungeon on top of the tower and stop the Vizier Jafar, who is trying to get through the magic power over the world. Naturally this would be not so easy, all the way Aladdin have to avoid all the traps and cunning to defeat in the battle of the palace guards. But this game is not only one of the online games created on the base of the magnificent cartoon. Any player, who wanted to play the Aladdin online, find a place for entertainment. For the youngest players created excellent coloring and puzzles with images of the main characters, girls can play dress up and try on gorgeous gowns for Princess Jasmine, fans of puzzle games will gladly exchange a Gene cards, but fans of racing will take part in a mind-blowing flying on a magic carpet through the palace chambers.

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