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Already for many years did not end with various discussions about classical music. And many fans of classical music is believed that those people who do not listen to the music and do not know who the Bach, they are the most uneducated. There are also sharper opinions on this subject, where the person is compared to a monkey, if he is not fond of classical music. Ordinary people that do the hard work every day, very much offended by such abuse. After all, they have almost no time to get involved in the classics, as they need to earn a lot of money to support his family. And this kind of entertainment, and they are not needed at all. Just add up a lot of opinions about the piano. Some of the very early childhood, parents tortured and forced to learn to play this kind of musical instrument, believing that music education should be a mandatory part of child rearing. Others are not lucky enough to live near neighbors. After all, I do not think that you will enjoy everyday pilikane neighbor's child because of the wall. And yet society still can not decide which of the views is correct. Today in our apartments have a piano is not beneficial because it can consume a lot of space and the neighbors will complain about the loud music. You can play the piano and even using a synthesizer, which can connect the headphones and not to interfere with his sensitive neighbors. But this toy is not small money and not all parents can afford to buy a musical instrument to your child. Because the developers of computer games offered a simplified version of the game on the piano with special programs on the Internet. Moreover, such an application does not require any investment. Play the piano in the network are presented in a variety of simulations. They contain all the keys and registers, there are also simpler versions - the piano for ten keys. Most of these educational games. This means that as you will not need to spend money on additional learning. Of course, the computer keyboard is not able to replace the keys of a piano, but these games allow any child in a short time to complete basic music theory. And if everything goes on, it will continue to be able to type in the blind on the keyboard instead of the correct notes and the text will be interesting to hum the melody. All this is of course a joke, but similar simulations on the Internet are not uncommon. So go ahead for new skills to play the piano online.

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Flash games online piano

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